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2013 – 2017:       Talimarjan TPP - 2 CCGT Units 929 MW (Uzbekistan)

Rafico Engineering Ltd has provided turn-key logistic services for Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd (HDEC) – the EPC Contractor by delivering more than 160,000 CBM of various cargo and equipment packages including Heavy Lift and OOG. The services scope of Rafico Engineering Ltd included also a local customs clearance in Uzbekistan and this was executed with the highest level of professionalism.
Company has managed to overcome all regional infrastructure and administrative risks as well as associated very harsh weather condition during transportation through Qizilkum desert in Uzbekistan & Kazakhstan. All project equipment has been successfully and timely delivered. The execution work included the heaviest single item (MHPS made Gas Turbine – MF701 model) weighing 402 MT with overall weight of road-train (including “girder-bridge”) reaching 850 MT. There were also many other HL & OOG single equipment packages with weights ranging from 70-320 MT. The concept and method for inland transportation of all Heavy Lift and OOG equipment has been performed at highly professional level in line with standards and regulations applicable in the Republic of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan with overall travelling distance from the Caspian around 2200 km.
The range of delivered cargo also listed other  critical items such as Doosan made By-pass Stack Damper (10.5 x 9 x 10.2 m, 2 items) and TSM Tech Ltd made Condensers (9.2 x 3.3 x 14.5 m, 4 items). All project transportation risks including for multi-modal equipment delivery modes were exceptionally overcome by Rafico Engineering Ltd.
Rafico Engineering Ltd was also involved in the chain of construction material supplies for HDEC and its local subcontractor (TupalongsuvGESqurilish LLC).

2016:                     Adamtash Gas Project (Uzbekistan)

In 2016, Rafico Engineering Ltd transported some Heavy Lift packages including Gas Compressors to Adamtash construction project site in Uzbekistan. Deliveries of critical items took place during harsh Kazakhstan winter period overcoming weather and geographical obstacles.

2012 - 2015:         Tashkent TPP - 1 CCGT Unit 370 MW (Uzbekistan)

Throughout years 2012 – 2015, Rafico Engineering Ltd was providing an exclusive advisory support in arranging multimodal transportation of the equipment of General Electric to Tashkent TPP (370 MW – new power unit construction). With direct assistance of Rafico Engineering various Heavy Lift and OOG equipment requiring special care and infrastructure diligence studies was delivered to the job site.

The project’s most critical item was Gas Turbine class 9FA (weighting 281 tons) transported through populous and urban areas of Uzbekistan.

Presently Rafico Engineering Ltd is focusing itself on future power generating projects in Uzbekistan.



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